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"No, I'm not God...but I'm a close second."

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Kane is the messianic leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. For decades (millennia, he claims) the Brotherhood has existed in the shadows, emerging to the public only in 1995, when the strange green rock known as tiberium made landfall on Earth.

Since then he has led the Brotherhood in their war against the Global Defense Initiative, and in Nod's struggle to achieve Ascension - the transcendence of the human race achieved through tiberium. He has led them through fifty years and two world wars, never aging a day. Twice he has disappeared, presumed killed. Twice he has proved the faithless wrong by rising again.

None can say for certain who he really is or where he came from. Some say he is an extraterrestrial. Others say he is the biblical Cain, still wandering the Earth thousands of years after being marked and cursed by God. His followers say he is the Messiah, come at last to take them to Paradise. GDI leaders say he is a madman and a terrorist. But whoever he is, and wherever he may come from, his goals are clear - the destruction of GDI and the ascension of mankind. And he will attain these goals by any means necessary.

Kane is from the Command & Conquer series of games and as such is property of Electronic Arts. He is being used solely for roleplaying purposes and no profit is being made off him whatsoever.

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ascension, destruction of gdi, tiberium, world domination
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